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Accounts on hold...

Just some words about the actions which took place in end of July…

After collecting some infos and responses on tickets,
all the accounts which were placed on hold seems to had
“Missing Real Life Information”

The accounts are not banned,
but “temporarily placed on hold”
so you can file a ticket or use the phone support of LL
to provide the missing infos and reactivate them.

It's unfortunately difficult to say which selection criterion were used to choose this accounts,
as also some were placed on hold which actually were logged in with other viewers/clients or not logged at all,
but as far as I can say and to summarize this
there isn't a problem using your PikkuBot to login a legit SL account. :)


thingfish Ceriaptrix, 2011/09/24 10:38:
well, me I had this issue - this administrative hold. After solving this problem by sending a scan of my identity card I asked them what the reason was and got this answer: "Unfortunately the account was originally held because it was believed to have been linked to another resident. However, because we have to take other resident's privacy into account, we are unable to discuss the details. Suffice it to say that the account is no longer held. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused"
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