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Second Life cannot be accessed from this computer

First time i had this error yesterday evening, after some minutes all was fine again.
This evening those errors occur again - dont know why this is happening, but i think all will be fine in the next minutes/hours.

Its working again now. Some people thought the cause for the problem was a missing parameter in the login process of libsecondlife - so they coded a patch for current libsecondlife. But just in the second the patch was released, it was working again without the patch.

Missing Parameter:

id0: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
hardware hash (based on the serial number of the first hard drive in Windows) used for uniquely identifying computers.


21:48 < [[xxx]]> nah
21:48 < [[xxx]]> the patch was irrelevant
21:49 < [[xxx]]> it was an internal issue in second life
21:49 < [[xxx]]> our compliance or lack thereof had no impact
21:49 < [[xxx]]> nah


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