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Bloodsuckers and bots

My bots in Second Life are having a part time job in some shops where they work as models. Honestly there are not that many people who talk with them, but sometimes a newbie shoots them a message. So IM-relaying is turned on so I am able to help them. Due to the huge number of bite requests I have started setting vamppay to 400 L$ - the price for being removed from the database if bitten. The result was this funny dialog which I'd like to share with you. The names of the bot and the players have been replaced to protect their privacy.

[17:06] Model Bot: IM-RELAY: [vampire player]: may y byte you

A bite request happened and the bot and the bot offers the deal.

[17:07] Model Bot: IM-RELAY: [vampire player]: we dont have money
[17:09] Model Bot: IM-RELAY: [vampire player]: we have money but we dont deal like that with humans

No comments. LOL

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