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All Commands (Premium)

Full Bot with all commands!
ATM: » 560 « v3.1.5.6



autoban [0|1]

Ban foreign users for Friendship Offers/Object Offers/Group Invitations.

autobite [0|1]

If HUD installed, the bot will try to bite someone in the current Sim

autobuy [0|1]

Automatically buy land which matches your sqm-price.

autochat [range] [text]

Chats the given text to all avatars in range

autogc [0|1]

Automatically do the garbage collection every 60 seconds

autogive [object-UUID] [range]

Gives the given object to any avatar the Bot meets, once in a Sim.

autoim [range] [text]

IMs the given text to all avatars in range

autoinvite [group-UUID] [range]

Invites any avatar to the given group, once in a Sim.

autolist [list-uuid] [range]

Adds any avatar to the given list, once in a sim

automute [0|1]

Mute objects after more than 10 OnScriptDialogs in a few seconds.

autopay [L$] [target-avatar]

If the balance of the Bot gets higher than the specified amount the complete amount will be paid to the given avatar or master if no avatar is defined.

autorebake [0|1]

Enable or disable the automatic baking of avatar textures after teleports

autorez [UUID] [num] [height]

In build-Bot mode, rez this object automatically where it is possible.

autosave [0|1]

Switches save to disk on/off.

autoshield [object-uuid]

The bot attaches the given prim while sitting.

autosit & sit & sn [0|1]

Sets AutoSit on/off.

autostand [range|sit-prim]

Sits automatically on another prim, if somebody is in range

autostart [0|1]

The bot will execute the autostart.txt after login - if enabled.

autoview [0|1]

The bot will automatically download and view offered notecards with notepad.exe



Preceding any regular command with a '#' will supress its output and make the command quiet.



When bot receives message with first character ”&” the bot will answer on the channel given with channel.

/[av-UUID] [message]

Sends an IM to an avatar specified by the UUID. To find out the UUID use the command ”search”. This function is usually used to answer an incoming IM. If the Bot received an incoming IM the program icon in the taskbar flashes.
The flashing disappears if you click at the program GUI and it is activated. You can deactivate it by using the command ”noflash”.

Hint: Useful can be the list of the persons who sent IMs to the Bot. You will get this list with the command ”im”.

?[av-UUID] [message]

Sends a magic message to the given avatar.

![av-UUID] [command]

Sends the output from the command to the given avatar.

@[group-UUID] [message]

Sends an IM to a group specified by UUID.

Hint: Use alternativ ”members” UUID export” and ”massim…”


@[group-UUID] [message]

Sends an IM to a group specified by UUID.

Hint: Use alternativ ”members” UUID export” and ”massim…”



Shows the copyright of the bot



With this command you specify the UUID of a (camp) chair on which the avatar has to sit on when the chair got available.
If you have not turned off the ”save”-mode the UUID will be saved in a file in the Bot directory on your hard disk.
The activated Chair-UUID will be highlighted in the prim-window with orange.

Hint: If you click on a UUID value in the prim-window it will be automatically taken into the command line.






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