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With 2 new commands.


stephen cox, 2013/05/12 06:05:
no idea why I need comment
Dirk, 2013/05/19 00:18:
What are the 2 new commands? It would be very convenient to share them in your blog post always when you create new commands. Nobody will ever be able to remember 560 different commands and instantly notice which ones are new and which ones were there before. Thanks for your help.
Danny, 2013/05/21 08:49: I suddenly got this virus warning when uploading a new one... maybe your server is hacked?
danny, 2013/05/21 08:50:
I meant when Updating the new one....
Taglar, 2013/05/22 19:42:
Read this ;-)
Eves Sinister, 2013/05/22 21:45:
Heyho, i dont think the version contains a virus - everything is ok with my server. Symantec gives you a "heuristic pattern match" - that means it is possible that it is a virus, but not sure.
Joe, 2013/06/10 01:18:
Nice new command "sequence" only problem when I do "sequence-" or "sequence0" the bot still continues on....
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