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Policy on Third Party Viewer

Hi PartyPeople.

Linden Lab updates their Policy on Third-Party Viewers to the 1st of May 2010.

Not only the developers, but also users of third party viewers
are responsible to a usage of it within this policy,
so you may take a look to that page, aswell as the official inworld bot policy :-)

Please note that a listing on Linden's Viewer directory isn't mandatory, but just optional!
check chapter 6. of the policy:

We created the Viewer Directory to help promote awareness of Third-Party Viewers 
within the Second Life community. Unlike the other sections of this Policy, 
participation in the Viewer Directory is currently not a requirement for connecting to Second Life.

And as there are some confusions:
Quite some time now it is not allowed to use “bots” to generate traffic on your land,
therefore you can set them here as “scripted agents” in their account

If the land the bot is on isn't listed in the search, there's no need to set this at all.
(although anyway it's not a bad idea, to set them as scripted agents)

This are elder changes and are just in conjunction with the new 3rd party viewer policies
as the bot policy is included in it

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