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Release notes archive - Version 2

Version 2.99.9

  • Bugfix for command “edit”
  • Some cleanup for the Tooltips
  • Improvement for command “masscheck”
  • Bugfix for the Http-Daemon

Version 2.99.8

  • new command “edit” for easy editing of configuration files
  • new command “notepad”
  • some speedups *g*
  • new command “tooltips”
  • new command “update” for easy bot-updating

Version 2.99.7

  • Improvement for command “chatrelay” (can relay to anyone now)
  • Improvement for command “imrelay” (can relay to anyone now)
  • Some beautifies regarding IM-Handling
  • Default directory changed to c:\PikkuBot

Version 2.99.6

  • Bugfix for “geturl”

Version 2.99.5

  • Bugfix for IM-Window (im)
  • new command “masscheck”
  • Bugfix for command “w”

Version 2.99.4

  • Improvement for command “massim” (handles Avatar-Keys now)
  • new command “massgive”
  • Bugfix for “come”
  • Small bugfix for “shadow”
  • new command “homechair”
  • Small bugfix for “attack”
  • new command “die”
  • new command “allow”
  • Renamed the Uninstaller to PikkuBot-Uninstall.exe

Version 2.99.3

  • some improvements for the IM-Window
  • new command “massinvite”
  • new command “nbot”
  • Added Task-Inventory Offer for Master
  • Bugfix for Task-Inventory Offer
  • some small bugfixes for the Http-Daemon
  • new command “verbose” for more verbose group-invitations

Version 2.99.2

  • Improvement for command “gsearch” (sorting)
  • Many many many bugfixes for “NONGUI-Mode”
  • Implemented Web-Server for listening to commands (experimental)
  • New command “daemon”
  • New command “clock”

Version 2.99.1

  • Improvement of command “autopay”, you can give the target avatar
  • small bugfix for terrain-mode
  • Bugfix for command “upload”, you can upload .tga again
  • Added new sub-version numbers (2.991) for small fixes
  • New command “presit”
  • Command “delay” is now for the upndown-delay
  • Command “presit” is for the Autosit-delay
  • New Command “view” for viewing notecards and scripts
  • Fixed bug with focus on “Local Chat” window in IM-Session
  • Improvement for Command-History
  • New command “avinfo”
  • New command “getoff” ⇒ getoff shirt,pants or getoff all [replacement texture]
  • Improvement for command “detach” ⇒ detach all

Version 2.99

  • Implemented Sculpty-Heightmaps
  • new command “sculpty”
  • new command “terrain”
  • “login last” is default now
  • some libopenmv fixes
  • Sorting for command “radar”, “w”
  • some beautifies
  • the installer remembers the last install-location (thx to Zaw)

Version 2.98

  • new command “precision”

Version 2.97

  • Bugfix for command “addoutfit” (thx to Feline)
  • Network performance improvements (thx to Christa)
  • new command “wearables” (thx to Eves *g*)
  • new command “buythis” (thx to Eves again)

Version 2.96

  • new command “pings”
  • new command “timeout”
  • improvement for command “sleep”

Version 2.95

  • new command “autogive”
  • new command “autoinvite”

Version 2.94

  • Bugfix for command “members”
  • new command “lure”, “randomlure”
  • some small things in command “im”

Version 2.93

  • Parcel-Traffic now included in Geturl
  • Number of Avatars included in Geturl
  • You can login the bot with a hashed password now, which you find with command “pass”
  • New command “realism” (for improvement of Pandora Chatbot)
  • New command “dwell” (Pass Traffic to geturl-command)
  • New command “fl” (New Friendlist)
  • Update for command “im” (Improved IM-Dialogs)
  • New command “me” (for my UUID)
  • New command “busytext” for setting the busy-text
  • Command “always” is different now, you can set alle values seperately

Version 2.92

  • Some minor changes and bugfixes

Version 2.91

  • New command “login” for setting the login-position
  • Important bugfix for command “banwords”
  • Command “watchfor” will accept more than one avatar-uuid
  • Some stability-bugfixes
  • New Syntax for Macros!

Version 2.90

  • New command “addtorole”
  • New command “removefromrole”
  • New command “annoy”
  • command “chatlog” will log group-chat from now on

Version 2.89

  • New command “picks”
  • New command “pick”
  • New command “unpick”
  • New command “collision”
  • New Tray-command “Restart”
  • Tray-icon shows memory usage of the bot
  • New command “calling” for Calling-Card Support
  • New command “topscripts” for Estate-Managers

Version 2.88

  • Update for command “slide” (slide random)
  • Update of Help with command “titles” and “title”
  • Update for command “invite” with group-role/title
  • New alias “banlist” for the banlist
  • New alias “role”/“roles” for Roles of groups

Version 2.87

  • Bugfix for sitting prim and icon update
  • new command “sitting” (light & premium)
  • new command “findprim” (premium)
  • new command “slide”
  • new Robot-Commands “slide”, “findname”, “jump”
  • Some small beautifies for coordinates
  • Bugfix for IBOT for zero-uuid (thx to Bekka)
  • Improvement for attachments (thx to Bekka)
  • Bugfix for command “detach”
  • Improvement for command “ls” (thx to Bekka)
  • Improvement for command “land”
  • Some threading for Hunt-Mode, Robot-Mode, Shadow etc.
  • some improvements to “ibot” and “cbot” command
  • new command “attack”

Version 2.86

  • new feature for “savemap”, image with date
  • Bugfix for ls

Version 2.85

  • the bot is able to move vehicles (aircrafts)
  • the map shows the direction of the vehicle
  • command “keys” shows UP & DOWN now
  • command “keys” has changed (“keys 1” / “keys 0”
  • Position is exact when bot is sitting
  • binfo, linfo are working when bot is sitting
  • command “pay” works in Light-Version
  • Cleanup für help and help+ in light-version

Version 2.84

  • Small improvement for “Heyho, you are my real master message” (only if authenticated successfully)
  • new command “wind” from Testclient
  • new libsl-release with some performance optimizations
  • Real-Master has same rights as current master now
  • new command “pass” for login-details for forum and bot-administration (no status 9 anymore)
  • command “activate” shows active group now
  • command “mygroups” shows active group now
  • command “addoutfit” is working again
  • new command “punk” (very funny!)
  • Spam-Protection for some dialogs improved

Version 2.83

  • Small bugfix for automatic exception reporting

Version 2.82

  • new command show [uuid|all]
  • new command hide [uuid|all]

Version 2.81

  • new command unfriend

Version 2.80

  • internal release

Version 2.78

  • new command “savemap”
  • some beautifies for the shortinfos line (click it!)
  • one improvement for the “onemove”, “onestart” and “onetouch” commands, when the old sim isnt available after relog
  • one improvement for restarting the bot if “no_host” errors appear when the old sim isnt available after relog

Version 2.77

  • Bugfix for Group-IM
  • New command “buygroup” for buying land for a given group
  • some minor updates
  • reduced the window height 19 pixels

Version 2.76

  • one beautify for lbot
  • one small UInt16 Bugfix for lbot
  • new command “state”

Version 2.75

  • new command “support”
  • new file “SUPPORT.txt”
  • new command “random”
  • new file “RANDOM.txt” for random commands
  • new command “randomtimer”
  • new shortcut ALT+q for aborting the random-mode
  • new command “autobuy” for automatic landbuy (experimental!)
  • update for command “price” (double)

Version 2.74

  • new command range
  • new command trytimer

Version 2.73

  • new command “nosound”
  • new sound for incoming IM
  • ALT+c now in list of shortcuts
  • new command “macros” for a list of macros
  • Now, we have 5 (!) macros, because you like this *g*
  • New syntax for MACROS.txt - file ⇒ DESCRIPTION OF MACRO:COMMAND 1, COMMAND 2,pause 3,COMMAND 3
  • some beautifies

Version 2.72

  • new command “simradar”
  • new command “repeat”
  • new robot-commands “q”, “quit”, “logout”
  • command “follow” has changed to follow any avatar and not only the master!
  • new “proof of concept”-file MACROS.txt and new button “1”
  • new Health-display
  • updated some description and notes to clear up some things :-)
  • new command “who” as an alias for “radar”
  • small bugfix for ALT+c command completion
  • Bugfix for command “aftersit”, found through exception reporting

Version 2.71

  • new command “noimobjects”
  • some small fixes
  • new command “master” for light-version

Version 2.70

  • new command “findowner”

Version 2.69

  • Bugfix for several parsings (found through Exception reporting)
  • Light-Version option

Version 2.68

  • Bugfix for command “hunt” (found through Exception reporting)

Version 2.67

  • Bugfix for command “friend” (found through Exception reporting)
  • Bugfix for TestMessage (found through Exception reporting)
  • Bugfix for aftersit (found through Exception reporting)
  • Bugfix for TextBox (found through Exception reporting)

Version 2.66

  • Bugfix for bot-movement

Version 2.65

  • some fixes for openmv

Version 2.64

  • Bugfix for PikkuTiny.exe
  • Some better exception handling

Version 2.63

  • small bugfix for libsl

Version 2.62

  • fixed many exceptions with integer parsing, thx to silver!
  • examined some bandwidth problems and tried to fix them!
  • new config default for bandwidth (500)
  • new config default for pandora chatbot (812ca0c0de36a3ad)
  • bugfix for command “attach”
  • new pikkubot tos (regarding unhandled exceptions)
  • new command “crouch”
  • new command “health”
  • new command “sleep”
  • Update for command “shortcuts”
  • new alias command “shortkeys” for “shortcuts”
  • new page “status 9”
  • new shortcut “ALT+w” for activating the movement keys

Version 2.61

  • some improvements for “nickname”

Version 2.60

  • new order for sim-stats
  • new command “siminfo”
  • and all i forgot in last versions *g*

Version 2.59

  • New command “nickname”

Version 2.58

  • New command “tip”

Version 2.57

  • Support for “Tip of the day”
  • New command “locate” for location of given prim

Version 2.56

  • New command “turn”
  • Bugfix for adding prims to the primbox
  • The teleport fields are clickable now
  • Improvement for command “ls”

Version 2.55 (BETA!)

  • Bugfix for “bbot” command (working again)
  • Small beautifies

Version 2.54 (BETA!)

  • Bugfix for command “static”

Version 2.53 (BETA!)

  • Improvements for command “map”
  • Better left/right turn
  • Map has direction of avatar again!
  • corrected the chat-circle around the avatar in map
  • Small startup-bugfixes
  • Small bugfix for command “keys”
  • New command “static [text]” for a static im-answer
  • New command “dynamic [0|1]” for dynamic im-answers with new file DYNAMIC.txt
  • Bugfix for bb-password in instant message
  • Put Teleport-History in “log”-directory an seperate for every bot

Version 2.52 (BETA!)

  • Many performance improvements
  • New command “cd”
  • New command “nochatobjects”
  • New command “goto”
  • Bugfix for restart after “no connection to auth-server” & “master not found”
  • Removed command “backup”
  • Removed command “rmc”
  • New command “mvdir”
  • New command “emptytrash”
  • Fixed a bug while parsing timer's with command “timer”
  • New command “mac”
  • New command “tl” for teleport history
  • New command “pwd”

Version 2.51 (BETA!)

  • First release with OpenMetaverse.dll
  • Bugfix for “say” command

Version 2.50 (BETA!)

  • Bugfix for Robot-Mode

Version 2.49 (BETA!)

  • New command “keys” for the old movement
  • Bugfix for keeping the bot in tray

Version 2.48 (BETA!)

  • Removed the lame “to-tray” button (double click headline for bringing the bot to tray now!)
  • New libsecondlife
  • Removed Update-Bot Button

Version 2.47 (BETA!)

  • Bugfix for Whitelist
  • Some beautifies for the alternate views
  • New command “sim” for fixed sim
  • New steering commands: Page up ⇒ fly up, Page down ⇒ fly down, ”,” strafe left, ”.” strafe right

You have to click in the square right beside the command-line first!

Version 2.46 (BETA!)

  • Pre-Alpha support for Mono

Version 2.45 (BETA!)

  • New command “timer2” for waiting after Moneytree hunt before going to the next sim
  • Bugfix for empty LOCATION.txt file, thx to ThorneNoel
  • New command “height” for custom height of the Log-Window (eeepc, aspire …)

Version 2.44

  • Improvement for “status 6”

Version 2.43

  • Update for “status 6”

Version 2.42 (BETA!)

  • Bugfix for command “oname”

Version 2.41 (BETA!)

  • Command “oname” now supports multiple words (seperate them with ”,”)
  • New option for command “tele” ⇒ listone

Version 2.40 (BETA!)

  • New command “whitelist”
  • New command “white”
  • New command “unwhite”
  • New command “wl”
  • Avatars on Whitelist will not be banned from Parcel in case of Spamming, Botting …
  • New command “banwords”, people spamming group-im will be ejected from group
  • Beautify for Bot-Seek display messages
  • New command “objects”
  • New command “findperms”
  • New command “countprims”
  • Optimization for last command
  • New option “list” for command “tele”, you can use file TELEPORTS.txt for Teleport-Locations with Hunt-Mode
  • New command “findname”
  • New command “touchname”
  • New command “oname”
  • New command “onow”
  • New command “retouch3”
  • New Hunt-Mode “moneytree”
  • Log Teleports to Logfile (for Teleport-History)

Version 2.39 (BETA!)

  • Bugfix for libsl

Version 2.38 (BETA!)

  • New command “sethome”
  • New command “regionid”

Version 2.37 (BETA!)

  • New libsecondlife
  • New command “addoutfit”
  • New “help+” outfit with search
  • New outfit for “Enter password dialog” (use password “ASK”)
  • Some bugfixes for wrong application path
  • POS1 for Flying/POS1 again for Landing
  • Press Delete for Step left and Page Down for Step right

Version 2.36 (BETA!)

  • New libsecondlife
  • Bugfix for multiple GIM

Version 2.35 (BETA!)

  • Bugfix for Timeout while searching for Master
  • Bugfix for double botkick
  • Correction for Avatar-Cache (bot not included from now on)
  • Animation stop after teleport
  • Removed the teleport-timer wait

Version 2.34

  • Movement with Cursor-Keys no, no more tapping on F/B/R/L …
  • Bugfix for CTRL+c (Command completion)
  • Trimming for commands
  • New command “beam” for Beam-Effect on Objects
  • Small beautify for some messages (On-Script dialog)

Version 2.33

  • New command “o” (shortcut for once)
  • once is used now for accepting teleport-requests and friendship-offers from unknown
  • New command “estate”

Version 2.32

  • New command “automute”, please remember “mutelist”, “mute” and “unmute”

Version 2.31

  • Bugfix for sending IMs

Version 2.30

  • Some Re-Design for speedup and stability
  • Some new commands

Version 2.29

  • Bugfix for Restart-Path
  • New command “dt”
  • New command “rmc”
  • Bugfix for reading root-folder (Timeout!)

Version 2.28

  • Update for libsecondlife

Version 2.27

  • Ups, i forgot some commands in helpfile
  • New command “autoban”
  • New shortcut CTRL+a & CTRL+e
  • New command “botinfo”, “botwarn”, “bottext”

Version 2.26

  • The bot remembers the last window-size

Version 2.25

  • Only fixes for libsecondlife

Version 2.24

  • Fix for resit-Timer and upndown
  • Improvement for estats

Version 2.23

  • Trying to improve CPU-Usage
  • Fix for follow & shadow
  • Fix for “ls ”

Version 2.22

  • fixed receiving commands via group-im
  • fixed attachments-uuid for attach & detach
  • Bugfix for libsl again (Packet-Resent)

Version 2.21

  • Cleaned up libsecondlife
  • No more MAC-obfuscating

Version 2.20

  • TotalProcessorUsage in Seconds (in estats)
  • Restart-Bugfix
  • Shortinfo “K” updated

Version 2.19

  • CPU-Fix

Version 2.18

  • Included CPU-Usage in statistics

Version 2.17

Heyho this is a service release. If you have difficulties with PikkuBot (too much CPU Usage/Bandwidth), then please run this version and do the following:

stats 1
estats 30

If the bot crashes, please send me the file under stats for your current SIM via E-Mail:

Thank you!

Version 2.16

  • Bugfix for libsl (Packet-Resent)

Version 2.15

  • New command “afk”

Version 2.14

  • Bot shows short info first time starting up

Version 2.13

  • Some minor fixes
  • New command “botkick”

Version 2.12

  • Some major bugfixes

Version 2.11

  • Removed “penetrate”, because of TOS-violation
  • The bot forces 12 seconds delay between teleports now
  • Small bugfix for the command “watchfor”

Version 2.10

  • Bugfix for “exportall” command

Version 2.09

  • New command “mutelist”
  • New command “mute”
  • New command “unmute”
  • New command “antispam”
  • New command “status 7”
  • New command “it”
  • Improvement for command “exportattachment”
  • New command “exportall”
  • Dump outfit to subdirectory
  • Dump attachment to subdirectory

Version 2.08

  • New Shortcut ALT+c (command completion)
  • New command “ft” for fullperming Prims after command “megaprim” for example

Version 2.07

  • Memory optimization
  • New command “exportattachment”
  • Bugfix for touch & touchonly
  • Bugfix for outfit restore after teleporting in shadow-mode
  • Bugfix for command “radar”
  • New Shortcut ALT+D for deleting command
  • New Shortcut ALT+S for Search History (was ALT+h but you needed to fingers)
  • ALT+L shows the last command (only the command)
  • ALT+N shows the next command (only the command)
  • Cursor up + down are last & next command as before

Version 2.06

  • Improvement for typing animation
  • New command “megaprim”
  • Newline-Bugfix for command “massim”
  • The command “delay” delays the Hunter-Teleports now - if given

Version 2.05

  • Avatar is “typing” while typing
  • Bugfix for Timeout

Version 2.04

  • Different handling for command “penetrate”
  • Some minor bugfixes
  • New command “massim”
  • New command “estats”

Version 2.03

  • New command “watchfor”
  • Chat-Range in “map” command
  • Pikku creates different MAC for every Bot in “config/GIVENNAME_LASTNAME-MAC.txt”
  • New command “party”
  • New command “dialogs”
  • Improvement for saving CONFIG.txt

Version 2.02

  • New Command “adownload” for Asset-Download
  • New Command “aupload” for Asset-Upload
  • New Shortcut ALT+h
  • Minor change for command “dir xml|anim”

Version 2.01

  • Command “stop” can now stop given Animation-LLUUID or all Animations
  • New command “start” for starting one Animation:

start bb91fc9d-c21a-8824-fa94-4c554cd10fe4

  • New command “list” for listing all current Bot-Animations
  • New command “onestart” for starting an animation once the bot is starting (dancing bot)
  • Fix for bandwidth usage regulation via command “max”
  • Fix for export

Version 2.00

  • Bugfix for Bot-Rotation
  • New command ”?LLUUID” for sending magic words to someone
  • Bugfix for command “scan”
  • You can now choose higher values for the Resit-Timer and Retouch-Timers
  • Better error handling when converting numbers
  • Round current height
  • Removed Console-Output

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