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How to use the Group-Cache feature

Using the Group-Cache is important to not annoy your visitors with repeated group-invites. So how do you use it? At first please enable the groupcache with:

usegroupcache 1

Then you have to add one group to the group-cache (you can add more groups if you like):

addgroupcache bd8f114b-8edc-b0c8-2821-6326ce14708b

The given example is for the Group “Friends of Pikku”!

Finally, you have to rebuild the group-cache in regular intervals, you can manage this via:


You can use the cron-feature of the bot for this. Use the menubar of the bot and choose “Edit/Cron” or just type “edit cron” and fill in this:

0 * rebuildgroupcache

And please note to put Tabs between 0 and * and rebuildgroupcache!

Then activate the Cron-Daemon with:

cron 1

For the invitation itself you can use the autoinvite-command or some scripts which are sending the invite-command to the bot.

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