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Client (GUI) Help/Hilfe

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You want to know something about my skills, oke here they are:
/[av-uuid] [message] - Send IM to avatar
?[av-uuid] [message] - Sends magic message to Avatar
@[group-uuid] [message] - Send IM to group
/[channel] [message] - Chat on channel
[uuid] - Choose prim to camp on
activate [uuid] - Sets the given group to active
add [uuid] - Adds campchair to PrimBox
addoutfit [folder] - Adds the items to avatars outfit
addtorole [group-uuid] [role-uuid] [av-uuid] - Adds the given Avatar to given role of given group
afk [0|1] - Sets the bot away from keyboard
aftersit [av-name] - Try to sit on a chair after the given Avatar
alert [0|1] - Enable/Disables Alert-Messages
always [friend|group|inv|task|tele|anim] - The Bot always accepts Animation-Requests or Inventory Offers from Unknown
annoy [0|1] - Sends Instant-Message to everyone sending "quit!" to the bot
anow [text] - Answer a dialog onetime with the given answer
answer [text] - For any question the Bot answers with [text]
asearch [text] - Search for the given text in the attachments of all Avatars
attach [object-uuid] - Attaches the object to its default location
attack [av-uuid|av-name] - Attacks the given Avatar
attachments [av-uuid] - Prints a list with your and others attachments
autoban [0|1] - Ban foreign users for Friendship Offers/Object Offers/Group Invitations
autobuy [1|0] - Automatically buy land which matches your sqm-price
autogive [object-uuid] - Gives the given object to any avatar the bot meets, once in a sim
autoinvite [group-uuid] - Invites any avatar to the given group, once in a sim
automute [0|1] - Mute objects after more than 10 OnScriptDialogs in a few seconds
autopay [$] - Pays the master if your balance is higher than given amount
autorez [uuid] [num] [height] - In build-bot mode, rez this object automatically where it is possible
autosave [1|0] - Switches save to disk on/off
autosit - AutoSit on/off
backup - The bot saves all Scripts & Texts to imexport-Directory
balance - Show bots L$ balance
ban [av-uuid] - Bans the given Avatar from current land
banlist - Requests the current banlist about this place
banwords [text,text] - Defines the words for Group-Banning
beam [object-uuid] - The bot beams/points at the given objects
bbot - The bot searches for land where we can build
binfo - Requests the current ban-info about this place
botdetect [0|1] - Try to detect bots in your area
botinfo [0|1] - Informs the given avatar about bots
botkick [0|1] - Auto-Kicks & bans all bots
botreset - Resets the Bot-Seek in the sky
bots - Prints out a list with potential bots
botseek [0|1] - Fly high up to the sky to seek all bots there
bottext [text] - Sets the text the potential bots are receiving
bottime [seconds] - Delay before an Avatar can be a bot
botwarn [0|1] - Sends warning to potential bot
box - Shows or Hides PrimBox
boxthere - Saves the prim to PrimBox the master is pointing at
browser [exe]- Sets the default browser for opening links
bt - Saves prim to PrimBox the master is pointing at
busy [1|0] - Sets the Bot to Busy-Mode
busytext [text] - Sets the Busy-Text for the bot
buygroup [uuid] - Sets the group for which the bot buys land in lbot-mode
buythis [L$] - Buy the object the master is pointing at for given amount of L$
calling [0|1] - Enable Calling-Card support for the bot
campwords [words] - Sets the camp-words
cbot [1|0] - Act as a Chat-Pandora Bot
chatlog [1|0] - Write IMs & Chats to file
chatrelay [1|0] - Relays the chat to the master via IM
clear - clear prim cache
cls - Clears the log-windows
collision [0|1] - Shows collision with other objects or avatars
come - In Shadow-Mode the bot teleports to his master
countprims - Count the prims in sight
crouch - The bot crouches very submissive, back in stand with "stand"
debug [0|1] - debug the IMs the master is sending you
delay [seconds] / delay [min] [max] - sets the autosit delay
del [uuid] - Deletes Campchair from PrimBox
dt - Derezzes prim the master is pointing at to local bot inventory
detach [object-uuid] - Detaches the object from Bot
dialogs [0|1] - Switches off all dialogs
dir [xml|anim|txt|dst|shape] - Lists all Files in imexport-Directory
drop - Drop all Chairs from PrimBox
dwell [0|1] - Enable Parcel-Dwell in geturl-command
dynamic [0|1] - Enable or disable dynamic im-answers from file DYNAMIC.txt
eject [av-uuid] [group-uuid] - Eject an user from a specific group
emptytrash - Empties the trash-folder
estate [0|1] - Use Estate-Tools for eject&ban
estats [seconds] - Writes Sim-Statistics to Logfile
et [file] - Exports the Prim the master is pointing at to imexport/[file]
export [object-uuid] [file] - Exports the given Prim to imexport/[file]
fetch [av-name|av-uuid] - Invites somebody to teleport to your location
find [text] - Searches for the given Prim-Text
findname [name] - Searches for prims with the given name
findowner [uuid] - Searches for prims with the given owner
findperms - Searches for prims with copy,move or edit permissions
findprim [uuid] - Searches for prims with the given uuid and show some information about them
fly [m] - The bots starts to fly, you can give a height in m
follow [uuid|name] - Following the given avatar is a good idea (without sim-change)
friend - Bot offers Friendship, full rights for master
friends - List of friends with online-status and uuid
getfile [1|0] - Send all Avatar/Sim/Prim/Land-Information to file HUNTER.txt
geturl [url] - Send all Avatar/Sim/Prim/Land-Information to the following URL
give [object-uuid] [avatar-uuid|avatar-name] - The Bot gives an Inventory-Item to somebody
goto [av-uuid|av-name] - The bot goes to the given Avatar
grid [from_x] [to_xx] [from_y] [to_y] - The new grid coordinates in the worldmap used for hunting
griefer [seconds] - Sets the Griefer-Timer for Robot-Functions
group [uuid] - Sets the Group-Key to which the Bot responds when Master is talking
gsearch [group-name] - Lookup Group-Key
gsit - The bot sits on the ground
health - Shows the current health of your bot in percent
height [pixel] - Sets the height of the log-window (for smaller displays)
help - Shows the help online (all commands)
help+ - Shows the help in a new window (all commands, searchable)
hide [uuid|all] - Bot becomes invisible to all or given uuid
home - The bot goes home
hunt [all|land|moneytree|perms|build] - Hunt for given type
huntwords [words] - Sets the hunt-words
ibot [1|0] - Act as a IM-Pandora Bot
im - Toggle IM-View on/off
imrelay [0|1] - Relay all received instant messages to master
import [file] - Imports the Prim from file imexport/[file]
invite [av-uuid] [group-uuid] [role-uuid] - Invites to a group
join [group-uuid] - Joins the given group (Join-Request)
keys - Toggles Key-View on/off
land - The bot lands like a bitch
leave [group-uuid] - The bots leaves the given group
lbot - The bot searches for cheap land
linfo - Tell me something about the current parcel/land
list - List all current Bot-Animations
locate [object-uuid] - Shows the location of the given prim, if its in the prim cache
location - Where is your bot?
login [saved|home|last] - The bot logs into the given Sim (default is saved)
loginuri [uri] - Sets the new Login-URI (e.g. for OpenSim)
logout - Logout the Bot
lookup [av-uuid] - Avatar-Key2Name
lookthere - Look at Prim
ls [dir] - Shows directories & files in inventory-root or given directory
lt - Look at the Prim the master is pointing at
lure - The bot looks at a random prim
map - Shows a small map
massim[!] [im-text] [avatar-list] - Sends IMs to given avatars
master [av-name] - Sets the bots new master
mac [mac-address] - Sets the bots mac address
macros - Shows all defined macros
max [kbyte/s] - Sets the bots max bandwidth consumption
megaprim X/Y/Z - Rezzes a box with given size
me - Prints out the bots uuid
mem [mb] - Sets the bots max memory consumption
members [group-uuid] [export] - Reads all members of a group and - if export is given - prints them
mini [1|0] - Automatically minimize after startup
ml - Shows the current mutelist
move X/Y/Z - The bot moves to the given position
mutelist - Shows the current mutelist
mute [av-uuid|av-name] - Adds an avatar to mutelist
mygroups - shows the current bot-groups
mv [object-uuid] [folder-name] - Moves the Object to given folder
mvdir [folder-uuid] [folder-uuid] - Moves the Directory to given folder
nickname [text] - The bot listens for this nickname in normal chat to his master
nocamp - Setting campchair UUID to NULL
nochair - Setting campchair UUID to NULL
nochat [1|0] - Dont write Chat-Messages in Log-Window
nochatobjects [1|0] - Dont write Chat-Messages from objects in Log-Window
noflash [1|0] - Toggle Taskbar-Flash for incoming IM
nogim [0|1] - Dont display Group-IMs
noimobjects [0|1] - Dont display IMs from Objects
norelog [1|0] - Dont relog after loss of connection
nolook - Setting the Look-Object UUID to NULL
nosimcheck [0|1] - The Bots doesnt verfiy the Sim before Teleport
nosound [0|1] - Dont play sounds for incoming IMs
notouch - Setting the Touch-Object UUID to NULL
o - The Bot accepts Teleport, Friendship, Animation and Inventory offers one time from unknown
objects [0|1] - Enables features for Prim-Caching in bots memory
oname [name] - The Bot remembers the object-name for use with retouch3-timer
once [1|0] - The Bot accepts Teleport, Friendship, Animation and Inventory offers one time from unknown
onemove [X/Y/Z] - The Bot moves once to the given location when restarting
onestart [ani-uuid] - The Bot starts animation when restarting
onetouch [1|0] - The Bot klicks once on the given Object when restarting
onow - The Bot touches objects by name now and saves the retouch3-timer
outfit - Restores your bot outfit
pandora [pandora-id] - You bot responds to IM
party [0|1] - Jumps from one party to another
pass - Displays the password for forum and bot-administration
pay [$] [av-uuid] - Rip off all or the given amount of L$
paytext [text] - Sets the text when paying others or objects
paythis [$] - Pay given amount of L$ to the object highlighted by the master
pick - Adds the current location to the Picks-List
picks - List all picks of my own avatar
pings [0|1] - Send pings to the current-simulator
position X/Y/Z - The Bot goes to the given location and stays there
precision [+/-m] - Sets the precision for fixed-position and robot-position command
price [$] - Sets the maximum landprice for the Landbot per sqm
prim - Gives Prim-Information (UUID & Local-ID)
pt [$] - Pay given amount of L$ to the object the master is pointing at
punk [0|1] - When running findperm-command, move all moveable objects in the sky *g*
pwd - Prints the current path in inventory
q - Logout the Bot
quit - Logout the Bot
radar - Shows all avatars around the bot
random [0|1] - The bot does something from file RANDOM.txt
randomlure [0-1000] - The bot looks at random prims at random times
randomtimer [0-1000] - Used for the random-mode
range [m] - Sets the range for shadow and follow
realism [0-10] - Enables or disables the realism with Pandora-Chatbot
receive - Receive all offline messages now
regionbot [bot-uuid] - Sets the Bot for RegionIDs
regionid [region-uuid] - Lookups the Sim for given RegionID
reload - Reloads the ROBOT.txt, ANSWERS.txt, DYNAMIC.txt, MACROS.txt, SUPPORT.txt and RANDOM.txt and TELEPORTS.txt
removefromrole [group-uuid] [role-uuid] [av-uuid] - Removes the given Avatar from given role of given group
repeat [0|channel] - The bot repeats all IM with target master to given channel
reset - Restarts the Bot
resit [seconds] - Resit after [seconds] seconds
restart - Restarts the Bot
restore - Restores the saved location
retouch [seconds] - Retouch after [seconds] seconds
retouch2 [seconds] - Retouch2 after [seconds] seconds
retouch3 [seconds] - Retouch-Timer for the object touch (e.g. moneytree)
rez [uuid] [num] [height] - Rez an object with the given uuid
rm [object-uuid] - Deletes the object in Inventory
rmdir [folder-uuid] - Deletes the given folder
robot [1|0] - Go for a predefined path
role [group-uuid] [title/role-uuid] - Activates the given group-role/title
roles [group-uuid] - Shows the group-title/roles of the given group
save - Saves the current location
savemap - Saves the current map to directory maps
say [text] - Lets your bot speak (channel 0)
scan [0|1] - Scans the PrimBox List for free Chairs for camping
search [av-name] - Lookup Avatar-Key i.e. for IM
seatof [av] - Sets the prim of the given Avatar as Camp-Chair
seek [1|0] - Seeks for the given Text and uses it as Sit-Prim
sethome - Sets the bots home at the current position if possible
settings - Shows you openmetaverse-settings and network-throttles
shadow [1|0] - The bot follows his master to any location (with sim-change)
shortcuts - Shows description about the Shortcuts of GUI
shortinfo [value] - Shows description about the given Shortinfo on bottom of GUI
shortinfos - Shows description about the Shortinfos on bottom of GUI
shortkeys - Shows description about the Shortcuts of GUI
shortviews - Shows all available special views
shortwindows - Shows all available special windows
shout [text] - Let your bot shout
show [uuid|all] - Bot becomes visible to all or given uuid
silent [1|0] - Dont answer your master via IM
sim [SIM/X/Y/Z] - Set fixed Sim, e.g. for destruction tests
simradar [0|1] - The bot sends new avatars via IM to master
siminfo - Some statistic informations about the current Sim
sit - Enable the autosit-feature
sitting - Is the bot sitting at the moment?
sleep [0|1] - Try to reduce bots bandwith-usage
slide [X/Y|random] - Slide the vehicle to given coordinates
sn - Enable the autosit-feature
sitthere - Sit on Prim
st - Sit on Prim
stand - Stand up
start [ani-uuid] - Try to start the given Animation
state [0|1] - Minimize or maximize the GUI-window
static [text] - The bot answers IM with static text
stats [0|1] - Enable/Disable Sim-Statistic collection
status [0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8] - Show bots status informations
stext [text] - Sets the Seek-Text
stop [ani-uuid] - Try to stop the given or all Bot Animations
support [0|1] - Bot uses the supporters-list in SUPPORT.txt file for incoming IMs
teleport [SIM/X/Y/Z] [GLOBAL_X/GLOBAL_Y/X/Y/Z] - TP the Bot to a different location
tele [sim|simplus|simminus|simplushalf|simminushalf|list|listone] - Which type of Sim-Search do we use?
test - nothing at all except foo bar
timeout [seconds] - Sets the current Simulator-Timeout (default is 30 seconds)
timer [seconds] - How long do we stay in one Sim in Hunt-Mode?
timer2 [seconds] - How long do we stay in one Sim after the Hunt-Mode?
tip - Shows random tip of the day
title [group-uuid] [title/role-uuid] - Activates the given group-role/title
titles [group-uuid] - Shows the group-title/roles of the given group
tl - Enables/disables the Teleport-History View
tn - The Bot touches the known and saved Prim
to - The Bot touches the selected Prim and doesnt remember it
topscripts - The bot shows the top-scripts of current SIM if he is an Estate-Manager
touch [uuid] - The Bot touches the Prim with the given UUID and remembers it
touchname [name] - The Bot touches the Prim with the given Object-name
touchonly [uuid]  - The Bot touches the Prim with the given UUID and doesnt remember it
toward X/Y/Z - The Bot turns to the given vector
tptext [text] - The fetch-command will use this text for teleporting
try [SIM/X/Y/Z] - Teleport to Sim and try again if teleport fails
trytimer [seconds] - Sets the timeout between teleport-tries
tt - The Bot touches the selected Prim and remembers it
turn [0|1] - The bots turns and turns and turns
unfriend - Bot revokes Friendship and all rights
unmute [av-uuid] - Removes an avatar from the mutelist
unpick [pick-uuid] - Deletes the given uuid from the Pick-List
unwhite [av-uuid] - Removes an avatar from the whitelist
upload [file] - Upload texture imexport/[file] to SL
uptime - Prints out the uptime of the bot
upndown - Stand up if sitting and do a resit after [delay] seconds
version - Shows current simulator version and version of PikkuBot
visit - Teleport me to the bot
w - Shows all avatars around the bot
wait [seconds] - Waits up to n seconds before logging into SL
walk [1|0] - Emulates Walking (Random moving)
watchfor [avatar,avatar] - Look for online status of given Avatars every 5 minutes
wear [folder] - Wear clothes from folder
wearables - Shows all wearables of the bot
whereis [av-uuid] - If you have the rights, the bot will tell you the position of given avatar
whisper [text] - Let your bot whisper
white [av-uuid|av-name] - Adds an avatar to whitelist
whitelist - Shows the current whitelist
who - Shows all avatars around the bot
wind - Shows the current wind settings
wl - Shows the current whitelist

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