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Client (GUI) Help/Hilfe

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You want to know something about my skills, oke here they are:
add [uuid] - Adds campchair to PrimBox
aftersit [av-name] - Try to sit on a chair after the given Avatar
anow [text] - Answer a dialog onetime with the given answer
answer [text] - For any question the Bot answers with [text]
autosit - AutoSit on/off
box - Shows or Hides PrimBox
boxthere - Saves the prim to PrimBox the master is pointing at
bt - Saves prim to PrimBox the master is pointing at
campwords [words] - Sets the camp-words
clear - clear prim cache
delay [seconds] / delay [min] [max] - sets the autosit delay
del [uuid] - Deletes Campchair from PrimBox
drop - Drop all Chairs from PrimBox
help - Shows the help online (all commands)
help+ - Shows the help in a new window (all commands, searchable)
logout - Logout the Bot
master [av-name] - Sets the bots new master
nocamp - Setting campchair UUID to NULL
nochair - Setting campchair UUID to NULL
pass - Displays the password for forum and bot-administration
pay [$] [av-uuid] - Rip off all or the given amount of L$
q - Logout the Bot
quit - Logout the Bot
reset - Restarts the Bot
resit [seconds] - Resit after [seconds] seconds
restart - Restarts the Bot
scan [0|1] - Scans the PrimBox List for free Chairs for camping
seatof [av] - Sets the prim of the given Avatar as Camp-Chair
shortcuts - Shows description about the Shortcuts of GUI
shortkeys - Shows description about the Shortcuts of GUI
sit - Enable the autosit-feature
sitting - Is the bot sitting at the moment?
sn - Enable the autosit-feature
sitthere - Sit on Prim
st - Sit on Prim
stand - Stand up
teleport [SIM/X/Y/Z] [GLOBAL_X/GLOBAL_Y/X/Y/Z] - TP the Bot to a different location
test - nothing at all except foo bar
upndown - Stand up if sitting and do a resit after [delay] seconds

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