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Status 0

-- Status 1: --
Camp-Words	        $,earn,money,paying
Autosit		        OFF
Resit-Timer	        OFF
Walk-Emulation	        OFF
Autosit-Delay	        0 seconds
Chair-UUID	        NULL
Retouch-Timer	        OFF
Retouch-Timer2	        OFF
Retouch-Timer3	        OFF
Object-Name	        NULL
Retouch-Object	        NULL
Retouch-Answer	        NULL
Seek-Text	        NULL
Seek-Modus	        OFF
Auto-Pay		0
Pay-Text		For you my dear!
Sit-Status		The bot isnt sitting yet.
Chair-Status	        I cant see the Chair-UUID.
Touch-Status	        I cant see the Touch-UUID.
Camp-Scan	        OFF
After-Sit		OFF
After-Sit Avatar	NULL
After-Sit UUID	        00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

-- Status 2: --
Follow		        NULL
Shadow		        OFF
Range		        5 m
Robot-Mode	        OFF
Robot-Stations   	OFF
Griefer-Timeout	        30
Fixed-Position	        NULL
Fixed-Sim		NULL
Fixed-Toward	        NULL
Fixed-Look-UUID	        NULL
Pandora-Bot-ID	        812ca0c0de36a3ad
Pandora-Chat-Bot	OFF
Pandora-IM-Bot	        OFF
Realism		        OFF
One-Touch	        OFF
One-Move	        NULL
One-Start		NULL
Bot-Precision		1

-- Status 3: --
My UUID		        NULL
Active-Group	        NULL
Current-Members	        0

-- Status 4: --
Hunt		        OFF
Simsearch-Mode	        sim
Hunt-Mode	        NULL
Hunt-Words	        NULL
Hunt-Timer	        30
Hunt-Timer2	        0
Save-Map	        OFF
No-Simcheck	        OFF
Grid-Coords	        310 1111 (X) and 830 1212 (Y)
Region-Bot	        NULL
Landbot-Price	        1 L$/sqm
Auto-Buy		OFF
Buy-Group	        NULL
Get-URL		        NULL
Dwell		        OFF
Get-File		ON
Auto-Rez		NULL
Auto-Rez Height	        100
Auto-Rez Num	        1
Watch-For	        NULL
Turn-Emulation	        OFF
Try-Timer		30 seconds
Punk                   OFF
Auto-Give		NULL
Auto-Invite	        NULL

-- Status 5: --
Autosave		ON
No-Relog		OFF
Nickname	        Pikku
Accept-Once	        OFF
Always-Definition	NULL
Login-Wait	        OFF
Teleport-Text	        My Master requested a teleport for you!
Minimize		OFF
Alert		        ON
Collision		ON
ANSWERS.txt	        3
DYNAMIC.txt	        3
SUPPORT.txt	        5
Support-Mode	        OFF
RANDOM.txt	        4
Random-Mode	        OFF
Random-Timer	        950
MACROS.txt	        3
TELEPORTS.txt	        9
Teleport-Station	1
ROBOTS.txt	        10

-- Status 6: --
Memory		        34 mb
Peak-Memory	        37 mb
Processname	        PikkuBot-Pikku_Bot
Started		        14.08.2008 20:27:53
CPU-Time	        00:00:31.1093750
Max-Bandwidth	        1500 kbyte/s
Max-Mem		        128 mb
Timestamp	        14.08.2008 20:58:09
UTC Timestamp	        14.08.2008 18:58:09
Browser		        iexplore.exe

-- Status 7: --
Dialogs		        ON
IM-Debug		OFF
IM-Relay		ON
No-Chat		        OFF
No-ChatObjects	        OFF
No-IM-Objects	        OFF
Chat-Log		ON
Chat-Relay	        ON
IM-Repeat	        OFF
Busy-Mode	        OFF
Busy-Text		The Resident you messaged is in 'busy mode' which means they have requested not to be disturbed. Your message will still be shown in their IM panel for later viewing.
AFK-Mode	        OFF
Silent-Mode	        OFF
No-Group-IM	        OFF
No-Flash		OFF
Anti-Spam	        ON
Auto-Mute	        OFF
Party		        OFF
Static-Answer	        Please contact: My Master
Dynamic-Answer	        OFF
Annoy-Message	        OFF

-- Status 8: --
Bot-Detect	        ON
Bot-Kick		ON
Bot-Warn		ON
Bot-Info		ON
Bot-Text		WARNING: Hey %BOTNAME%, I know that you are a Bot and i am watching you - be warned!
Auto-Ban		ON
Ban-Words              $,€,@,http,club,mall,sale,sell,sold,buy,...
Bot-Seek		4096 m
Bot-Time		10
Use-Estate	        ON
Sim-Radar	        ON

-- Status 9: --
Current location	SL/128/128/22
Master		        PikkuBot
Master-UUID	        6612386a-45da-4f4c-a798-d0ee45444348
Real-Master	        PikkuBot
Real-Master-UUID	123486a-45da-4f4c-a798-d0ee45444348
Balance		        99 L$
PikkuBot Version	2.98
Next Login-URI
Current Login-URI
Login-Position	        saved
Sim-Statistic	        OFF
Objects-Mode	        OFF
eStats-Interval	        OFF
Bot-Commands	        295
Y-Height		300 pixel
Keys		        ON
Mac		        default
Sleep-Mode	        OFF
No-Sound	        OFF
IM Group-Key	        NULL
Calling-Card	        OFF
Simulator-Timeout	30 seconds
Sending-Pings           ON

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