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LL will change their settings, pikkubot will probably not work after November 1st 2021

Nothing is forever, LL is changing their security protocols. The Pikkubot will probably not work after November 1st in 2021. Thanks for your support over many, many years.

New version is out now

nt is available now

With 2 new commands. is available

Some fixes and addons …

· 2013/03/24 00:03 · Eves Sinister · 7 Comments is available

With two estate/region commands and with an improvement for the “find” command.

· 2013/02/06 00:53 · Eves Sinister · 3 Comments is available

I have updated some commands that have to do with the inventory.

· 2013/02/03 18:47 · Eves Sinister · 0 Comments

Double, Triple, Quadro - IM issues...

Hi. we are aware of the problem with latest server update and
some strange behaviour making the bot get duped IMs…
It is under investigation ;)
you should check any kind of scripted objects which command your bots.

a workaround is to use the bots console to type and send commands
also if possible you could report for a server software rollback as
only latest “Magnum” sims are involved (afaik)…

stay tuned for more infos :) is out

Please check the download-section.

· 2012/07/04 00:32 · Eves Sinister · 9 Comments

Hunt-Mode and other fixes ...

… will come in the next version - Please stay tuned, today i fixed the hunt-mode.

First step to a new release

Today i released a new Pikkubot version with an updated libmetaverse. This is the first step to some bugfixes for the bot. Next week i will check the commands one by one,

Greetings, Eves

Information about work in progress

Currently i am working on a new PikkuBot-version - i did the first tests today and as expected the current libmetaverse-libs are working with the old version of the bot. In the next days i will examine all commands and test if they are working at the moment. Thanks for your long patience.


Some commands ...

are not working at the moment, e.g. inv2nc or the hunt command. I will check this issues this week and then announce the next steps.

· 2012/06/18 07:18 · Eves Sinister · 0 Comments

Seasons Greetings

We wish you all the best
have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :-)

And of course an earthshaking 2012! ;-)

· 2011/12/24 17:49 · Rebekka Robbiani · 1 Comment

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