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new SL usernames

Recently Linden Lab changed the login to just a username and a password.
(maybe because of pushing the “Display Names” - feature … who knows :-D)

But although there are no “Firstname” and “Lastname” anymore for new avatars,
you are still able to login your new avatars with PikkuBot using resident as Lastname :-)

check this page for details: SL-Wiki about usernames


Maram, 2012/10/11 03:21:
OAuth and OpenID are two maturing stdarands tasked with unifying authentication and authorization. A lot like Facebook Connect, but not proprietary.In fact, I signed-in to comment on this post using Google OAuth.
nguhvbznofl, 2012/10/13 20:09:
kPaj1C , [url=]relibnjjzboj[/url], [link=]aaculmdfpshp[/link],
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