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Some changes in hosting...

_ update _ _ _

Please check the hosting area.
Now you can see how many slots are used on the servers
and, if necessary, switch your bots on another one…
actually there should be enough slots for all your bot needs :-)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hi there :-)

Just a quick news on recent changes to the hosting solution:

You may be aware of the relog-issues the bot went through last days and weeks.
Therefore it was necessary to limit the slots of possible bots to connect from our server into the grid.

Please note that this is a “work in progress solution” to offer a as most satisfiying experience of our service as possible.
We also check other possibilities and of course still have a look into that one now implemented.

I will update you in this blog with anything regarding this topic in the next days, so please stay tuned.
Nevertheless you are welcome as always to IM me or send a NC…

For now… A nice holiday to you, folx :-)

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